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Our Photo Services include:

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Our Digitising Services include:

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Photo Restoration and Enhancement

We provide old photo restoration and digital photo enhancement services, NO OBLIGATION photo repair and digital image editing. Easy to use service, simple pricing, quality work at a competitive cost, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read on for more details.

Welcome to Caledonian Digital, where what you see doesn't have to be what you get!

With our photo restoration and repair service you can halt the ravages of time. We can repair any kind of damage to your photo:

  • spots
  • stains
  • mould
  • cracks
  • tears
  • scratches
  • fading
  • colour loss

Set higher standards for your photos, expect more! With our photo enhancement services we can:

  • fix lighting issues
  • remove spots, wrinkles, scars, blemishes or tattoos from skin
  • soften/smooth skin
  • whiten teeth and eyes.
  • remove objects or people
  • remove food or drink stains from clothing.
  • add colour to your favourite old photo
  • get creative and remove some colour from just parts of your photo.

So don’t let your treasured photo memories crumble away. Get in touch NOW.

Whatever you don’t like about your photos, with our photo enhancement services Caledonian Digital are here to help. Let us turn your photographic nightmares into the photos of your dreams. We can get you the photo you wanted to take.

It's time for you to set higher standards for your photos, and to expect more. Don't just settle for what you see. What you see doesn't have to be what you get!

Still not sure? Visit the Caledonian Digital video channel on YouTube where we'll be posting a few short videos to try to explain what we are all about and encourage everyone to try our photo enhancement and photo restoration services.

Every photo deserves a second chance.

So if you've been cleaning out the cupboards, or clearing out the garage or the loft, don't throw out any old negatives or slides you find, and don't give up on any old torn photos you come across. With our photo restoration & enhancement services and our digitisation capabilities, you can surprise someone with a restored or coloured photo that has long been forgotten – give the gift that keeps on giving!

Restoring photos for 10 years

We are proud to celebrate our 10th year of helping customers all over the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe, and America with their treasured photos, preserving the special moments in their lives for future generations to enjoy.

photo restoration example
photo restoration example


photo editing example
photo editing example


photo retouch example
photo retouch example


We offer a wide range of photo enhancement services - if you can think of it we can probably do it! Check out our gallery page for a small sample of the type of work we can do.

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We offer a range of photo products to make more of your photos, Gift vouchers, poster prints, VIP memberships offering 50% discounts, and Pop Art style posters - something different for your walls.

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Get in Touch

You can contact us by phone, by email, use our online Contact form, and you can upload your images through our website or you can post your prints to us. So what are you waiting for?

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Don't need your photo enhanced?

You might not actually need our photo enhancement service, you might already have perfect photos! There doesn't have to be anything wrong with your photos before we can help! You might just want to try something a bit artistic with your favourite photos. Create a collage/montage, or add a splash of colour, or go for our full-on pop-art posters.

If you are concerned about your photos (old and new) deteriorating over time, or maybe just about the amount of storage, then we can simply create a digital archive of your photo collection on disk or memory stick. That's a great way to share your photo collection with family and friends.

And don't forget we can scan any old negatives and slides you have to get you great looking photos that the family might not even remember. We also can convert VHS video to DVD.

services other than photo restoration we offer include VHS to DVD conversion

Convert your old VHS videos to DVD

Let Caledonian Digital convert your treasured home videos to DVD so you can enjoy them for years to come. We can convert VHS, c-VHS, and Hi-8 video tapes. So dig out your wedding video, all the birthday parties, Christmas with all the family, or your favourite summer holiday videos. Cost is dependent on the final DVD run time, not on how many videos you have.

Get in touch now

If you have any questions or concerns about what we can do for you, please get in touch.

Call 01418764521, or email us at You can use our on-line Contact form, you can upload your photos directly through our website, or you can post your photos or questions to us at Caledonian Digital, 46 Glen Shee Avenue, Neilston, Glasgow, G78 3QB.


Digitise your old negatives & slides

If you have discovered envelopes stuffed with negatives or slides at the bottom of your memory box, or at the back of a drawer or cupboard when you've had cause for a clear out, please don't throw them away. We can get you images from them as good as the day the original photo was taken. If they've been looked after you probably won't  even need our photo enhancement service.


Check out some of the testimonials on our About page to hear what just some of our happy customers think of our photo enhancement and photo restoration services.



Want to learn?

If you want to learn photo restoration and enhancement techniques to work on your own photographs using photoshop, you should check out the guys at who have a whole bunch of fun, easy to follow tutorials for beginners and for much more advanced users. They are skilled professionals and great teachers.