Caledonian Digital

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I send you my photos?

A: Just log-in to your e-mail as normal, create or compose a new e-mail addressed to and use the Attach button, or paper-clip icon, to add your photos. Don’t forget to write service-1, service-2, or service-3 in the subject line so that we know how much you expect it to cost, and provide as much information as possible describing what changes you’d like to see. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which service is required as we’ll send you a quote anyway.

Alternatively you can use the file upload utility on our website to send us your digital photos or scanned images. You can find it on our Home page or use the button at the top of every page.

Q: But I’m not sure what service best matches what I want.

A: No problem. Send us your photos anyway. Don’t forget you don’t pay for Caledonian Digital to work on your 1st photo, you only pay to download the finished image if you are completely happy. If you are happy with the enhanced image, but uncomfortable with our price, you can still walk away without spending a penny – there’s absolutely no financial risk to you, so why don’t you give us a try? Even if you have multiple photos you can either test us 1 photo at a time, or send them all with a non-refundable £5 deposit per photo (more than 1) which is deducted from the final cost for each photo.

Q: I don’t have a digital image to send you, I only have an old photograph. Can I send you that?

A: Absolutely. We can scan your photo on our premises and work on the digital image produced. Our postal address on the Contact Us page. Just place your photo between two firm pieces of cardboard for protection, and include a stamped addressed envelope so that we can return it to you. Make sure you include your contact e-mail address, so that we can contact you as normal when the work is complete. We will also e-mail you to let you know we have received your print.

Q: I sent you an email a few days ago but I still haven’t heard from you?

A: We endeavour to respond to every email within 24 hours. If you haven’t already added our domain to your safe senders list then you should check your spam or junk folders for a reply from us. If you still can’t find anything please get back in touch.

Q: How can I be sure no-one else can view the photos of members of my family?

A: We appreciate how vitally important it is for parents to be able to protect their family from unwanted attention. We now simply email the proof images direct to your email account and no longer use password protected galleries, and we will never use our customers’ images on our website or marketing material without their express permission

Q: The final image doesn’t look like I thought it would. What can I do?

A: Talk to us. It’s possible we mis-interpreted your instructions, or there may be some limitations due to the content or quality of the original image. We keep your original image, and work on a copy, so we can have another go at no additional cost to you – you would still only pay to download the final image. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we hope every customer will be delighted with the results of our service. That’s why we don’t charge a penny up front for your 1st photo (and only a small non-refundable £5 deposit per photo after that to cover costs), and our customers are free to decline the purchase of the final image without prejudice.