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Scan Negatives and Slides

Each generation usually take photographs of the happy and special times in their lives and enjoy looking back on them and reminiscing for years. But sometimes it’s following the sadder events in our lives that we are faced with the decision about what to do with a collection of photos that once belonged to those we loved.


If you have recently inherited a collection of photos and negatives & slides, or just plain found some in boxes at the back of the loft or the garage, and are wondering what to do with them, then wonder no more…


We can scan negatives and slides and put the digital images onto DVD so you can preserve those treasured memories for generations to come, even if the original technology to display them has become obsolete. Whether you only have a handful or a whole collection of negatives and slides, we can help. You might struggle to find a slide projector today, but that’s no reason to let all those special moments frozen in time in celluloid be consigned to a box in the garage or the loft.

And if they haven’t been as well taken care of as they should have been then you can choose some important ones first and we can help with our photo restoration services.


Whether you have 1 slide, or 101 slides, or 1001 slides, we can get you digital photos from them as fresh and vibrant as the day they were taken! We have a sliding scale of costs depending on the quantity, so let us know how many you have and we’ll give you as competitive a quote as we can manage. It is however a time consuming and labour intensive task and there’s only so far we can go on the cost, so for large collections it can add up, but can you really put a price on preserving your family history?


So get in touch and ask for a quote today. All the details are on our Contact Us page


If you haven’t decided on a plan of action yet you CAN still pick up slide viewers which might help you narrow down the collection to a smaller set of more important slides you might want converted onto disk.

We scan 35mm slides
A single 35mm slide


we can scan 35mm slides
We Scan 35mm Slide Collections


we can scan negatives
We Can Scan Negatives