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Photo Retouching and Editing

Our photo retouching and editing services give you the opportunity to have your photo look the way you want it to look. While our photo restoration & repair service, and our photo enhancement service are about correcting problems with your photos, photo editing and retouching is about manipulating what is there. It is about your personal preference – what do you want your photo to show and what would you prefer it didn’t show? Big or small we do it all. Use our photo retouching service to help YOU look your BEST!

It’s almost impossible to list every type of manipulation and retouch we can do for your photo. If what you are looking for isn’t listed, then when you think about it outside the context of your photo then it’s probably similar to something we have listed. And if you’re still not sure please get in touch and ask us.


So set higher standards for your photos, demand more! Whatever flaws and imperfections you see when you look at your photo, Caledonian Digital can help make them a thing of the past.

Get in touch with us TODAY! All our contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

If what you are looking for isn’t listed above, check out our pages on photo restoration and photo enhancement for details of other stuff we do. If you can think of it, we can do it!

Maybe you’d like to try editing your own photos. There are plenty of great programs out there and a ton of free tutorials to get you started, and you can pay a monthly subscription (for a year) to Adobe, for example,  if you don’t want to shell out all at once to buy software. It’s great fun, and a great hobby (and a potential business opportunity!).

Photo Retouching and Editing Examples

photo enhancement
Photo editing - selective colouring
photo retouching
Photo retouch - smoothing skin
wedding photo retouching
Photo retouch - tattoo removal

We can:

  • smooth or remove wrinkles
  • smooth skin texture
  • whiten & straighten teeth
  • whiten & brighten eyes
  • remove blemishes or spots
  • remove scars or tattoos
  • make faces or bodies slimmer or fuller
  • remove objects
  • remove people
  • remove dirt & stains on clothing etc
  • remove shadows
  • add text & logos to newspapers or signs

And remember…

  • you don’t pay upfront
  • you see a proof image first
  • we work on digital copies
  • original photos are unharmed
  • we care for your originals
  • free print with every order
  • pay securely using Paypal
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • your privacy is protected
  • fast, friendly, affordable