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We hope you never need to use our wedding photo editing service, and that your special day was everything you hoped it would be. You deserve to have wedding photos that are every bit as special as your big day. Depending on what services your photographer was contracted to provide, they may carry out some editing or enhancement of your wedding photos if there are some things you aren’t especially happy with. But if not, then that’s where Caledonian Digital’s wedding photo editing service comes in. We can help save the day and turn your photos into the magic moments you remember.

wedding photo editing
Your wedding photos should make you feel like this all over again! If yours don’t, we can help.

There are 2 distinct types of problems that you might need help to edit in your wedding photographs – global problems, and localised problems.

The global problems are ones that affect nearly all your photographs and impact them all equally – lighting, colour, contrast, flat, dull etc. If these symptoms affect your wedding photos then most likely you will be hugely  disappointed with your whole wedding album. These are the types of problems we’d expect your photographer to tackle for you, but if that doesn’t happen, then as long as you own the copyright to the images (check your contract or just ask your photographer) then we’d be delighted to help.

The other type of localised problems typically affect 1 or 2 photos, though you can easily have lots of photos with lots of different problems. The great thing about a wedding is that there are so many photos taken you can often choose the best bits from different photos and piece them together. So don’t despair, no matter how bad the problems you see when you look at your wedding photos there is always something we can do to help you.

Here are some of the most popular wedding photo edit requests we get.

  1. eyes closed
  2. not looking at the camera
  3. spots, pimples, shaving nicks on the face etc
  4. skin colouring/blemishes/texture
  5. remove wrinkles, whiten teeth etc
  6. remove objects, or a person – surprisingly popular!
  7. add someone missing from a group shot
  8. remove shadows falling across faces or clothing
  9. photos too dark or too light
  10. background too busy, sky too dull etc

This isn’t an exhaustive list – these are just a few of the types of problems that can be overcome. Whatever it is in your wedding photo that you don’t like give our wedding photo editing service a try. For over 12 years we’ve been providing some of the best wedding photo editing services UK wide and beyond, and we provide a no-obligation service so you always get to see the restored photo to see if it’s worth it (and trust us, it usually is!).

Cost, as always, comes down to quantity and complexity. Best to email or upload a few example photos that are typical of the problems you’d like to overcome and an idea of the quantity and we can provide a quote.

Of course there may be nothing wrong with any of your photos. You may just have a creative streak and want some specific finish or style applied to a particular photo to use as wall art. We can help enhance your wedding photos too.

Below are just a few examples of the things we could do for you.

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