Caledonian Digital

At Caledonian Digital we offer some of the most competitive photo restoration prices uk wide, and we provide a no-obligation service so you always get to see the restored photo to see if it’s worth it (and trust us, it usually is!)

We have a simple 3-tier pricing structure based on the complexity of the work involved, so it should be easy to see up front what it is likely to cost. The less work your photos need, the less you pay.

If you’re not sure which service should apply then just send us your photos anyway, we’ll provide a quote when we see them and you can decide whether you want us to proceed with the work.

Every photo order comes with a complimentary 6″  x 4″ print, unless a custom price has been agreed upfront, and there’s no charge for basic shipping anywhere in the UK. You can let us know what additional print sizes and quantities you want after you review your proof image.

Please note that the largest size at which your photo can be printed will be determined by the resolution of your image.

We are so confident you will love the results that you only pay if you want to receive the final image.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to find out what your photo could look like, so send us your snaps and let us work our magic on your memories. For more than 1 photo just include a £5 non-refundable deposit per photo which will be deducted from the final cost of each photo.

You can pay your £5 deposit per photo now. Just click the Add to Cart button on the left then update the quantity to match how many you are posting or uploading in the shopping cart below.

Service 1

"Touch Up" Imagine you had a magic eraser and a magic paint brush that could remove or touch up small areas of your image. If that would make your photo perfect then this is the service for you. Cost £15 - £25

Service 2

"First Aid" If you need changes to larger areas of your image, including object removal and colour & lighting changes, or your old photos need some minor repair work, then this is the service you want. Cost £25 - £35

Service 3

"Major surgery" If your treasured photos are cracked and crumbling, or if you're looking to combine objects from more than one photo, or a more complicated background change, then service 3 is for you. Cost £35 - £50

Extra Prints

6" x 4" cost £1.30 each 7" x 5" cost £1.80 each 8" x 6" cost £2.60 each 10" x 8" cost £3.00 each A4 size cost £3.50 each

Posters - Go Large

12" x 16" size costs £12.00 each 16" x 20" size costs £16.00 each 20" x 30" size costs £22.00 each Do you have a custom size in mind? Please ask for a quote

Negatives & Slides

up to 10 slides/negatives cost £3.00 each up to 20 slides/negatives cost £2.50 each up to 30 slides/negatives cost £2.30 each 30 plus slides/negatives cost £2.00 each Please ask for a quote for bulk

Video Conversion

We can convert VHS, compact VHS (VHS-c), Hi-8 and mini-DV camcorder video tapes to digital and copy to DVD or USB memory sticks. Actual cost is dependent on a combination of the total running time of the final video and the file size, and the number of disks required to hold it, and not on the number of tapes you have.

We have 2 levels of service:

1. A raw capture of video clips from your tapes straight to DVD – no menu or chapters.

Price: £25 per disk

2. Capture of video clips from your tapes and setting up a menu with suitable chapter selections.

Price: £40 per disk