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Photo Montage and Collage

Under our photo montage and photo collage services we are pretty much counting anything which involves using more than 1 photo to achieve the goal. While the techniques, tools, and skills are fairly standard across any type of photo work, we have been loosely considering restoration work as being mainly to do with fixing damage to the photo, and we have been considering photo enhancement as being addressing global issues with your photos. Under our photo retouching services we mainly think of localised areas that you want to see changed, like a spot on your face, or a food stain on clothing.

There is a lot of overlap across these 3 services, and under our photo montage and collage umbrella we are really considering everything and anything else you might want to see done to or with your photos. You don’t need to worry about whether you are asking for one service or the other – just send us your photos and tell us what you want.

Photo Manipulation Examples

photo montage example
Photo manipulation - background replaced
photo manipulation example
Photo manipulation - people removed

Here are just a few things we can do:

  • background changes

  • people removed

  • people added (who were missing from the group photo)

  • head transplant (useful when someone wasn’t looking at the camera)

  • compositions (combining parts of different photos)

  • pop-art style posters

Poster Examples

pop art poster
Pop-Art Poster
xmas montage poster
Montage Poster

And remember…

  • you don’t pay upfront

  • you see a proof image first

  • we work on digital copies

  • originals are unharmed

  • we care for your originals

  • free print with most orders

  • pay securely using Paypal

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • your privacy is protected

  • fast, friendly, affordable