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Scan Photo Collections

Caledonian Digital will scan photo collections of any size.

Have you recently inherited a collection of photos? Maybe you steadily built up your photo collection taking hundreds of photos of the kids every summer, every birthday and every Christmas for years, or maybe

scan photo collections from albums or old boxes
Photo collections in albums

you just plain found some in boxes at the back of the loft or the garage that you didn’t know you had. Are you looking through them, seeing the curled edges, the fading contrast and the distorted colours, and are you wondering what to do with them? Then wonder no more…

At Caledonian Digital we can scan your complete photo collection and give you images on disk that you can copy and share with family and friends, or diplay on your big screen TV through your DVD player or a USB stick, if your TV supports it. Your collection might be in pristine condition, carefully preserved and indexed in nice neat albums, or loose photographs, tattered and torn, rattling about in a cardboard box. More likely over time your collection of photographs will be something in between, or a little of both.

Probably most of your photographs won’t have seen the light of day for some time, so hopefully the majority will be in good condition. Whatever the condition is though, you should consider converting your collection to digital images so that at the very least you stop the deterioration, but just as importantly you can easily share on TV with your family or post them on the web for those who are further afield.

If you’ve lost a parent, and the siblings all want some of the photographs, you COULD just share them out, OR we can scan your whole photo collection and everyone can have copies of ALL the photographs. After you’ve been able to see them again maybe then you can choose some important ones that you would like to see in better condition and we could help again with our photo restoration services.

scan photo collections from old boxes or in albums
Piles of photos stored in boxes

Whether you have 1 photo, 100 photos, or 10000 photos, we can get you digital versions that will never deteriorate in time, they won’t fade, or get torn, or get sticky fingerprints on them! We have a sliding scale of costs depending on the quantity, so let us know how many you have and we’ll give you as competitive a quote as we can manage. It is however a time consuming and labour intensive task and there’s only so far we can go on the cost, so for large collections it can add up, but can you really put a price on preserving your family history?

You can certainly do it yourself if you have the time and a good quality photo scanner, but if you want help to scan photo collections to DVD then get in touch and ask for a quote today. All the details are on our Contact Us page.