Caledonian Digital

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before sending any images.

Sending an image and requesting a service from Caledonian Digital constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions

  1. The sender of any image to Caledonian Digital must own the copyright to that image, or have the written permission of the copyright owner. The sender of the image will be held liable for any costs associated with court action resulting from violation of copyright.
  2. It is against the law to send pornographic, obscene, or abusive images by e-mail. Caledonian Digital will report the sender of any such image to the appropriate authority. The sender of any image appearing to show criminal activity will also be reported to the authorities.
  3. Caledonian Digital’s privacy policy relating to the viewing of customer images is dependent on the customer keeping their own email secure.
  4. Caledonian Digital’s refund policy is limited to the digital content of the actual image purchased and the service provided by Caledonian Digital, and will not be extended to cover any quality issues resulting from any subsequent printing of the image with either the customer’s or any 3rd party’s printing hardware or software. Customers are encouraged to review their proof images carefully. Poster size prints are ordered externally from our suppliers and can not be refunded unless there is a print quality issue.
  5. Caledonian Digital will not be held liable for any accidental or intentional damage to property or person, physical injury, deterioration in health, or financial loss, triggered by the viewing of any image on it’s website.
  6. Caledonian Digital will not be held responsible for original photographs or videos lost or damaged by the postal service of any country, either on route to our premises or back to the customer’s home address.
  7. Caledonian Digital reserves the right to refuse any request for services.
  8. The reworked image must be ordered before extra prints can be purchased.
  9. Prints of your enhanced image are offered on standard size photo paper. If your enhanced image doesn’t have the same dimensions as the selected photo paper then you will either lose some of the photo near the edges of the paper (i.e. it will be cropped) or you will have broader white borders at the top and bottom of the print, or at the sides, depending on the orientation of the image.
  10. We print your photos with white borders unless you request border-less. We believe this gives our customers the flexibility to be able to frame the photo without the mount infringing on the actual photo, especially if there are peoples heads near the edges of the photo
  11. Please note we do not physically restore your original photo. We work on digital copies only.
  12. The extent by which any video can be enhanced is gated by the quality of the original film. This additional service is offered on a best-can-do basis.
  13. Caledonian Digital will take great care of videos sent to us but will not be liable for tapes damaged through the course of playing & recording during the conversion process.
  14. Caledonian Digital are happy to work on a single image with no upfront costs, but for multiple restorations we require a non-refundable deposit of £5 for every photo after the first, to cover our costs. Each deposit paid will be deducted from the final cost of the restored image for each photo. Work may be delayed if deposits are not received without express prior agreement.
  15. Fees for VIP membership are non-refundable after the first order using the discount code has been processed. The 3, 6, or 12 month period starts after the unique discount is used for the first time. There is NO automatic renewal of membership. Maximum saving allowed is £180 per calendar month. The 50% discount code can be shared with family and friends providing monthly savings limits are not exceeded. Unfortunately this discount offer can not be used against video conversion or bulk scanning of photos, negatives or slides, gift vouchers or poster sized prints. The membership card shown on the website is for illustration purposes only. Discount is provided via a unique promotional code on the customer’s sales invoice for VIP membership, or by the manual adjustment of the customer’s paypal invoice.

Please contact us if you are unsure about any of the above