Precious Memories in Photo

I'd like to share with you a message Cyndy Gatewood (@cyndygatewood) posted on her Facebook page just over a week ago (6th June 2017). It was a heart felt plea to Dad's everywhere to take more photos of their partners with their children, so that there is a legacy, in photograph, of the simple joyful activities they shared as they grew up, like reading a book together. As Cyndy says "Without warning. Without waiting. Just take the picture". It resonated with Mum's everywhere and at the time of this blog post had accumulated 271782 shares!

Read her post and, if you didn't already, you'll appreciate the power and importance of family photographs, of looking after them, of keeping them safe (whether they are prints in an album or a file in the Cloud) so that they can be lovingly looked over in years to come. The photos don't have to be perfect, make-up, hair, and clothes don't have to be straight out a catalogue, the house doesn't have to be spotless. We can help with some photo retouching if you really think it's needed BUT the most important thing is to capture the relationship between a parent and a child, in all it's raw and natural splendour.

Cyndy's post says it all. Enjoy!