VHS Video to DVD – convert YOURS now!

convert video to dvd

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Convert your precious home movies from vhs to dvd before it’s too late! They don’t need to be prehistoric to be in danger of becoming extinct!

If the treasured moments in your family’s lives that you captured on film are stuck on VHS, c-VHS, or 8mm tapes then you might think you’ve already seen them for the last time without realising it. Now wouldn’t that be sad. If you don’t have a working video player, or a camcorder, then you might be thinking the only place for your old tapes is the bin! And that would be tragic!

Wasn’t the reason you took those videos in the first place, so that you could remember and relive those moments, and share the joy of those special occasions with your nearest and dearest?

The technology that you used to capture those events may be obsolete but that doesn’t mean those milestone events in your life are trapped forever on tape in a plastic case. While there are still working models of video players and camcorders in circulation you still have a chance to have them converted to DVD, and enjoy them with your family for years to come.

If you can’t find someone near you who converts video to dvd, then package them up and send them off to Caledonian Digital, we’ll be glad to help. Find out more about our VHS video to DVD conversion services by visiting¬†convert-video-to-dvd.

Like most technology transitions, the cost to convert ALL your home videos to dvd will add up, but what price do you put on YOUR precious memories? Aren’t they worth saving? So start small, and prioritise – convert the videos that mean the most first. While you have the first few videos converted you can still be looking for another service provider who might be able to offer a more competitive price. But you need to make a start – the equipment that can still play your tapes, and therefore allows the video to be captures and converted to digital won’t be around (and in good working order) forever.

Do something to save YOUR precious video memories NOW – before it’s too late!