VHS Video to DVD – convert YOURS now!

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A walk on the beach with Dino Convert your precious home movies from vhs to dvd before it’s too late! They don’t need to be prehistoric to be in danger of becoming extinct! If the treasured moments in your family’s lives that you captured on film are stuck on VHS, c-VHS, or 8mm tapes then […]

Wedding Photo Editing Service

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WEDDING PHOTO EDITING SERVICE There are many reasons why you might need to use a wedding photo editing service like Caledonian Digital, from a full scale disaster where every photo  is just downright rotten, to the weather refusing to playing ball, leaving some outdoor shots too dark or too bright or the sky and background […]

Repair Water Damaged Photos

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How to Repair Water Damaged PhotosWe hope you never have to deal with the problem of having to repair water damaged photos , as it unfortunately means you will also probably have had to deal with burst pipes or flooding from extreme weather conditions.When the external and internal damage is repaired, and the clean-up operation […]

Precious Memories in Photo

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I’d like to share with you a message Cyndy Gatewood (@cyndygatewood) posted on her Facebook page just over a week ago (6th June 2017). It was a heart felt plea to Dad’s everywhere to take more photos of their partners with their children, so that there is a legacy, in photograph, of the simple joyful […]